One Planet—Challenging New Exhibition at the Museon

Museon_OnePlanet_Ad1_300The new, action-oriented exhibition One Planet at the Museon in The Hague shows that the great global issues facing mankind really can be solved. One Planet fulfils the Museon’s UN-approved role of pioneering and inciting action to achieve the United Nations’ 17 global Sustainable Development Goals. The exhibition showcases inspiring ways of ensuring the equitable distribution of food, water, and energy and the acceptance of human diversity. Members of the public are welcome to visit it to seek inspiration, contribute their ideas and proceed to action—making themselves heroes on our planet.

17 Goals for One Planet

The exhibition revolves around the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are designed to produce a secure, peaceful, just, and sustainable world. The United Nations has been prompted by the new exhibition to recognize the Museon as an official partner in publicizing the SDGs and their importance.

Thinking and Doing

OnePlanet_SDG_11_DuurzameSteden_300One Planet offers visitors a series of seventeen displays, each examining a different SDG and together encompassing the major challenges facing humankind today. The interactive displays are presented in combination with items from the Museon’s multifaceted educational collection. The exhibition focuses on the many kinds of action that can be taken to guarantee the sustainability of life on Earth. From dramatic, large-scale solutions to modest ideas that impact on a single square metre, One Planet makes it clear to visitors that they have a part to play and inspires them to think further about the problems and how to help solve them.

Hero on Your Planet

Fortunately, there are people everywhere with enquiring minds and with the energy and determination to believe that something can be done to make the world a better place. They attempt, against all the odds, to solve vast problems like scarcity, poverty, war, and inequality. They are the true heroes of our planet. The Museon is gathering them together—both online and in publications and educational programs—to form Team One Planet. Heroes can present their ideas not only in the exhibition, but also in other areas of the museum, like the International Lounge and the Peace Cafe.

The Museon in the City of Peace and Justice

OnePlanet_LG_schermen_300The Museon is a lively social hub in The Hague, the International City of Peace and Justice. As a museum with a go-ahead, inclusive image and approach, the Museon makes it part of its mission to bridge the gap between the international city on the one hand and “ordinary” citizens on the other. For that reason, its programming reflects the international character of the city and aims to help the general public understand The Hague’s global ambitions. This is immediately clear as soon as visitors enter the building and find themselves in the International Lounge. The area serves as a meeting place and links the Museon intellectually to The Hague’s International Zone and the themes of peace and justice. The lounge is a platform for trailblazing initiatives in the field of peace and justice, such as Hague Talks Youth.