Museon is an interactive museum for culture and science located in The Hague, The Netherlands. Museon will open a new 1,200-square-meter (12,900-square-foot) permanent exhibition, One Planet, at the end of October 2016. This new exhibition addresses all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the United Nations’ Agenda 2030. There are 17 interactive exhibits giving insight to and empowering visitors with solutions that can be found to tackle the challenges of the respective SDGs. The exhibition is richly illustrated by a broad collection of artifacts from all over the world.

The overall approach is to touch upon every visitor’s background and/or experience and to make an issue relevant by comparing the situation in The Netherlands with that of a fellow human being elsewhere in the world. After visiting, people will feel that everyone can make a valuable contribution, however small, to make the world a sustainable one!

With every exhibit, a visitor is asked for his or her opinion. Having answered all 17 SDG questions, one can compare the answers with those of other visitors to the exhibition and retrieve these figures online as well.

One Planet will be a starting point for educating scholars of all ages and all levels, and moreover, address free-choice learning by families and groups of visitors alike. Along with the exhibits giving insight into the SDGs, the museum will display new developments that provide solutions for specific challenges that are related to the SDGs. Changing these parts of the exhibition on a frequent basis will keep the exhibition actual and up to date. This also allows for close cooperation with many institutions and companies and adds to the visitor experience of thinking about future scenarios for the world at large.